Meet the Team

Donne Booysen

Donne Booysen was born and raised in South Africa, and obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in her home country. After moving to the US, she obtained her design degree, and has been part of the Wostbrock Design Team since 2006. While Donne's global perspective is infused in her design, she strives to create the perfect balance of beauty and comfort for client’s particular needs. When not designing fabulous homes, Donne loves to travel the world, soak up the sun, play tennis and spend time with her husband Wayne and beautiful daughter Sadie.

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Jeannine Gavlick

Jeannine Gavlick is Wostbrock Home's very own store model and fashionista. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in retail/fashion merchandising, and even though fashion is her first love, she takes great interest and pride in the design industry. With over 20 years of retail customer service and sales experience in the fashion and design industry, Jeannine has truly become an asset to Wostbrock Home. When she isn't working with designers all day, you can usually find her working on her fashion blog, and spending time with her husband.

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Lauri Hachey

Lauri Hachey graduated with an Interior Design degree from Berkeley College and has over 15 years in the industry. Combining color, scale and texture within a space is Lauri’s forte. Her joy is coordinating fabrics, wallpapers and furniture with the perfect carpet, area rug, or wood floors. When Lauri isn’t designing rooms, she enjoys designing clothing and painting with watercolor.

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Krista Wostbrock

Krista Wostbrock is a passionate interior designer who believes that an interior is a natural projection of the soul. Her niche is finding out what brings out the best in a person and incorporating that into a design that's both aesthetically alluring and personal. When Krista isn't designing you can find her exploring new grounds with her dogs, concocting a delicious dish in the kitchen, or living life to the fullest with close friends and family.

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